This collection is very sentimental and important to me because it also tells a piece of my life. Since I was very young, I have always been very connected with animals, from horseback riding to the farms that my parents took me and my brothers to spend vacations with, I always felt free and at peace around them. 


 But especially of one in particular the white fox. a childhood fascination around this animal with whom I dream even at night. I love this side, cunning, strong and which advances alone without fear that this animal gives off what I want to make everyone who wears it feel. I even have in my life a little white fox named GAYA (who is actually a Japanese spitz which is very close to the fox in his origins) who came into my life and filled it with pure love. Hence the name of the Gaya collection which by its name represents life and nature, linked to the feelings that animals make us feel and this love that they give us in return.

Gaya, the initial and most emblematic collection of Joud's Bijoux, is above all a love story. It represents the love of oneself, the love for others, but also the love for animals, our most faithful companions who accompany us and stay close to us, even in the most difficult moments. With the Gaya collection, let the conquering and audacious spirit of the fox support you, to finally dare to write the new lines of your destiny!