Lulled by the world of diamonds since her childhood, Caroline Joude, the founder of Joud's jewelry, would never have thought that one day she would enter this field.Although she lived in a family of diamond cutters, she did not find anything exciting in this activity and has always tried to accomplish herself without following in the footsteps of her elders.

Creative at heart, she likes to find a way to express herself in the different arts that life offers.. It is one evening of great questioning that the idea of creating her own brand of jewelry springs from her mind. She was surrounded by gemologists, people who were passionate about precious stones, and entrepreneurs who were creating their own brands, wasn't it obvious after all?With a strong commitment to building an empire to match her ambitions, she began studying gemstones at the Laboratoire Français de Gemmologie in Paris.

She began to buy and resell stones to finance her first models.After much reflection, she named her brand JOUD'S BIJOUX in homage to her family name JOUDE because above all, this project is a part of her, her diary, her accomplishment and her pride after several years of going through several phases of self-acceptance.The founder makes it a point of honor to infuse her values into Joud's Bijoux: she takes the time to design each model according to her inspirations and origins and puts the French jewellery know-how at the service of the brand. 

Joud's jewels is the embodiment of a refuge, a place where you feel good and free to do what you want. The House is a place of externalization that gives you hope and allows each woman to express who she is, through unique and handmade jewelry. Through the brand, the founder wants to pass on a message of universal love: love of oneself, love of others, love of women but also love of our faithful companions the animals.  Very close to her little dog Gaya who has inspired her many times, the founder of the brand also wants to give back to animals what they bring to us every day, by helping associations through a donation on the sales of jewelry. Joud's Bijoux is the answer to all women who want to finally dare to believe in themselves!